Vpark Solutions

We introduce our company as one of the significant Parking Operations and  Consulting group for Car parking Solutions and Traffic Analysis. We have ten years of experience, and we guarantee sound specialist advice for an efficient car park, Whether you are planning a new development or upgrading an existing one, our consultants work together with you and your team to assess the project’s needs to deliver VALUABLE ADVICE and to maximize the  return from your property

VPark operates more than 6000 car parks in India (Bengaluru, Mysore, Hubli, Kochi, Trivandrum, Hyderabad and Chennai). Our ongoing commitment to innovation has led to our systems and strategies being continually revised to make the best use of emerging technologies.

This focus on integrating new technologies across all facets of  car  park  management enables us to bring our clients and their parking customers a seamless and integrated product offering. Our goal is to create an environment where all transactions are captured ELECTRONICALLY and reported accurately in real-time.


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  • Date: 10 March 2020