Puneeth Gowda

Every group needs a leader, and Puneeth Gowda is Digital Ranatantra resident Optimus Prime. Going by the time he spends on the phone or on mails, if “selling” was a girl than they would have been in a very happily ever after relationship. He has 10+ years of online marketing experience and is one of the few chosen Google Product & Sales Partners. During his (extremely short) breaks, he likes to enjoy his Tea “Shot” and “Parle-G”

Surendra Babu

He dons so many hats through the day that it’s a little surprising when you find that he doesn’t have 10 heads and 20 arms. He is like the energy center of the office that generates the most insane ideas and pushes everybody to explore their limitations.He dreams to go Backpacking across the globe for 30 days and meeting his friends. His high point in life was when somebody referred to him as the Wikipedia of Bollywood Movies. Being disruptive is in his blood, and people used to call him suri during his college days.
Blood Group: Coffee, Politics, MTV Unplugged, Manchester United, Food & some more FOOD!!
Weapons: Work! It does all his shootings.