Adhar Tyagi

Many people work to attain a place in heaven for themselves, but not Adhar. Affectionately known as Base, he is remembered quite often in office (we have a lot of Hey Bhagwaan moments, trust us). His cutting-edge (that’s his favorite word) designs and dialogues add the much needed color and humor to our lives. He loves to sing – you name a song and he’ll sing it in a pitch about 10,000 times higher than the original. He is perfectionist in every field like Marketing, Graphic Designing, Content Writing etc.

Ankita D Bafna

A Livewire of sorts, she wastes no time in making sure to get the work done by any means necessary. While the rest of our account managers struggle at getting appreciation from clients, Ankita is on “hugzzzz” terms with most of them (Yea, we don’t get it either). Her nonchalance and style is so legendary that you’re most likely to find her applying lip balm while executing the most complex campaigns – and doing a fine job at both! When not talking about work (which is often), you’ll end up having discussions with her on food, dogs, or how many SPFs your moisturizer should have.

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh, or Babu as we choose to call him is our very own real life mafia. There is nothing under the sun that he can’t get done – be it fixing a laptop, stabilizing the unstable network connections, or settling a street brawl (by winning it). It is no surprise that all of us compete for a spot in his list of favorites. When he is not being tormented by his fan club, he takes care of graphics, and gets websites and mailers up and running.


Hailing from the city of Nawabs, Ganga is a nawab herself with myriad of talents up her sleeves. Design Mafia by profession, she likes to read, write, paint and learn old arts. And the list does not end here! Die hard fan of King Khan (which she is not at all ashamed of or may be a little), she is a true movie buff. When not designing, she may be found scribbling some fiction stories. Marketing mafias take note, she is capable of writing a kick-ass copy for your graphic.
Blood Group:Foodie, Fabric Weaving, Movies, The time traveler’s wife


Unlike lightning & thunder, you can hear him before you see him.
With a booming voice that has no volume control, you can hear him go “It doesn’t get lower than that” a couple of times a day.Neil, as he likes to go by, is as animated as his role with us, you guessed it right, an animator!
You can always find him in front of his computer with his eyes peeled and headphones on, shutting off from the world outside when he gets his design mode on.
He thrives on copious amounts of caffeine (the black kind) and you won’t miss his signature 2XL coffee mug.


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